Founder’s Story:

Through the journey of his own life, Jordi Mascio, MD biomedical engineer, envisioned Goldman Laboratories—a realm where scientific rigor met real-world solutions. His own battles with physical setbacks fuelled his passion for creating supplements that transcended conventional boundaries.
Drawing from rigorous clinical studies and a profound understanding of human physiology, Jordi pioneered liposomal supplements, revolutionizing the way nutrients were absorbed. His flagship product, a groundbreaking liposomal vitamin C, became a hope for many, especially for individuals striving to enhance their wellbeing.

Jordi's mission was clear: to demystify supplements, making scientific knowledge accessible to all. His work wasn't just about products; it was a movement toward informed, empowered health choices. Through his vision, Goldman Laboratories emerged as a symbol of trust and transformative wellness.
Despite enduring knee injuries and wear, Jordi remained unyielding and transformed it into a catalyst for change. His story, craft in scientific innovation and personal tenacity, resonated far beyond labs and clinics. It became a narrative of empowerment—a story where resilience, scientific acumen, and genuine compassion converged to redefine the very essence of well-being.

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